TRUFFLE HUNTING, SAFFRON FLOWERS & ART. Far away from massive tourism paths

TRUFFLE HUNTING, SAFFRON FLOWERS & ART. Far away from massive tourism paths

Wishing to be the first player of a dazzlingly scented private truffle hunting? 
Let´s act as an expert "cavatore" once in your life, guided by an expert truffle-hunter and by his beloved dogs!
In a private owned tartufaia, along hidden path on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, far away from massive tourism routes, you will experience how exciting it can be finding a black truffle, hidden among trees in a nice undergrowth scented wood! 
But not only Truffle will season your day today!!!

Our skilled Ivano, the farm owner, also grows Saffron: do you know that the cultivation of these violet-shadowed, hard to grow flowers was very spread in old times in this area???? 
And would you ever believe that Saffron was mainly used not while cooking but as colour pigment by artists such as Raphael and Perugino?? 
Today, while strolling with your local native tour guide along picturesque alleys, you will spice your truffle hunting experience up with Italian magnificent Art and unforgettable masterpieces of the Renaissance. 
Finally you will ice your cake with an Italian lunch on a local very nice trattoria: truffle and saffron for you!!!



✓ Truffle hunting experience 
✓ HD Tour guide 
✓ Light lunch on a local Trattoria with a menu based on Turuffle and Saffron
✓ Taxes


x Entrance fees for museums or other
x Transfer


– The truffle hunting can be organized for a maximum of 6/8 persons