A Travel all over Italy top luxury tourism dedicated to travelers, individuals or groups, from Muslim countries. An innovative approach providing certified halal services. A travel around Italy discovering its authentic soul and we know well all these hidden places. We suggest to our Clients to tell us personal interests to put them as part of the itinerary. We guarantee high level halal meals, a private professional chef will follow your tour, providing certified halal raw materials and severe cooking protocols.

The first step to realize your dream travel is contact us to meet your Taste and Slow Italy private Advisor. This is a very easy, smart and positive experience for all our Clients, they confirm. Your travel starts just meeting our Team, telling us your personal tastes and expectations. We will guide you to organize your personal travel project to Italy. Tell us your interests in terms of areas or themes you wish to add to the tour: art, religion, architecture, nature, fashion, sport weapons, design, local craft ateliers or Italian supercar technologies as Lamborghini, Pagani or Ferrari. Then other fundamental services as Muslim baby sitting and guides.

Add private visit to authentic local destinations “off beaten paths” or more popular proposals… priceless.