Customized tour packages

Are you going to come to Italy for your holidays or honeymoon and you would like to have it all planned in advance? Advice for individual travel and tour in Italy. A professional assistance and advice for your vacation and holiday in Italy. Advice for group travel to Italy. Luxury and leisure customized travels. Are you coming to Italy with your family and you would like just to enjoy your stay without worrying about where to go and what to do? Or maybe you are coming with a group of friend and you don’t want to lose your time in taking decisions...Would you like to make a tour of the great art cities of Italy? Or Maybe you have already visited them and now you want to see the hidden treasures. LET US CREATE THE RIGHT PACKAGE TOUR FOR YOU!!! Besides the visit of the places of interest, our tours always include local products tasting experiences in special settings. The tours can be adjusted according to your needs. It is possible to book them with or without transportation, with or without guides. There are no pre-set rules. Taste and Slow Italy on-line reputation awards us as one of the best travel companies of Italy.

You can dress fashionable clothes, have live in an enchanting villa and drive luxury cars, but to stand out next party with friends, must tell a travel to Italy.

Taste and Slow Italy has been awarded as Top Italy Travel Specialist from Zicasso one of the most popular Luxury and Leisure world Tour Agencies.

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