Our Team

We have been promoting Italy for nearly ten years now and have created an important know-how and inventory for our partners and clients around the world. We deliver Tour Operators, Travel Agents and customers with everything they could possibly need to create top quality travel experiences. Flexibility is the new keyword that underlines the delivering and creating of these unique experiences.



    Tour Operator CEO and Travel Designer

    tel. (+39) 075 8312897- USA tel. 001 805 317 4550 - mobile: (+39) 349 3886515
    e-mail: alessandra@tasteandslowitaly.com
    skype: tasteandslowitaly

    CEO and Sales Manager, she is a unique point of reference for any travel request, even for the most demanding. She’s able to find the most detailed and customized request, adding her flexibility and ability to respect any travel expectation. Joining  travel expectation of "women and men"(one of the most complex phase in a travel plan) for her is absolutely natural. Her sparkeling mood is the real soul of Taste and Slow Italy tours and travel advice. She has a considerable fantasy and a deep sense of logistic. Finally a distinctive touch of class, easily detectable in her tour plans…



    Technical Director and Operation Manager

    tel. (+39) 075 9652617- mobile (+39) 328 493 6775
    e-mail: stefania@tasteandslowitaly.com
    skype: grillo.stefania

    Technical Director of the Tour Operator specialized on tours realization and packages all over Italy and Europe. Stefania has really rare professional skills, providing a reliable assistance solving every complex and practical situations during a tour, and many Customers of ours are so grateful of that. She fully accords love for her profession and her passion for music, she is an esteemed mezzo-soprano.



    Project Manager & Product Development

    tel. (+39) 075 9652617 - mobile (+39) 320 6626081
    e-mail: samuele@tasteandslowitaly.com
    skype: samuele.arcangeli

    Our in-house consultant is an agricultural economist. He is a food and wine expert, one of the most qualified in Italy. He has been the coordinator for research projects related to the recognition of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) for three Italian agri-food products. In the National project of the network ‘Campagna Amica’ he coordinated the first network of Farmers Markets for the Umbria region. Being the son of an ethnologist, he has extensively traveled throughout Italy since childhood, acquiring significant knowledge of both art and history of our country.