Need a quickie intro to the city? Toss aside your guidebook and instead join us for a walking tour!!! Done by a local guide —who better than a local one— this tour will take you to the Perugia´s most prominent landmarks.

We´ll stroll around Perugia to discover all its beauty. Dating back to the 3rd century BC, this ancient city is filled with art, fascinating historic sites and other valuable monuments, many of which we´ll visit with this tour. We´ll walk along its city walls, get lost in the symbols carved into the Fontana Maggiore and find ourselves fascinated by the many strata of Rocca Paolina, the so-called “Perugia Underground”. We are sure that every ancient gate, alley, square, building and church will capture your imagination, you will enjoy it!!! We won´t spoil the “party” so we won´t list all the places we´ll see on this tour but we invite you to be part of this experience and discover for yourself all the Perugia´s beautiful places.

One more thing... pre-dinner drinks are an “institution” in Italy, so we can´t skip that! After the walking tour we will go straight to a wine bar where we´ll get an aperitivo... Do you know what aperitivo is? Let say that it´s like a cocktail hour, but it´s one where the food tends to involve much more that simple snacks you´d get back home. For Italians, aperitivo is a glorious couple of hours -generally between 7pm and 9pm- when they can relax post-work over a glass of wine, aperol spritz and some snacks. In this case we´ll take you into a wine-bar where we could taste some traditional cold cuts, cheese samples and other local snacks accompanied by a glass of wine or whatever you´ll prefer, it will be up to you!!!

the tour has to be reserved at least 7 days before

the price indicated per person is valid only and exclusively with a minimum of 2 participants

EVERYDAY at 5:00 pm from April to September

at 04:00 pm from October to March


€ 62.00




 — 2 hours guided city walking tour, obviously with a licensed professional guide

— Aperitivo in a wine bar

— Lots of fun



— Tour departs from Perugia City center (on the steps of the cathedral), everyday at 5:00 PM

— The price indicated per person is valid only and exclusively with a minimum of 4 participants

— If you would like to experience this tour in an other day or time? No problem... we can arrange it for you, just please drop us a line with your inquiry

— It is available in English... however we can offer you it in a couple more languages as Spanish, German and french. Anyway feel free to ask us about your language preferences

— The tour is 2 hours and a little more long