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Tour dedicated to the experts.

It´s an interesting visit that compares two historical Nobile di Montepulciano wine cellars with wineries completely different from each other..

Meet your tour leader in the main square of Montepulciano -Piazza Grande, for sure one of the most beautiful square in Tuscany.

Here you will find a wonderful Cathedral, a town hall that is very similar to Signoria Palace of Florence, a well with the Medici crest and some of the most interesting palaces of the city designed by the most famous architects of the Renaissance, such as Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio.

The first wine cellar, in the basement of a sixteenth-century palace commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Ricci to the great Sienese architect Baldassarre Peruzzi, is just a few steps from Piazza Grande. It is one of the most ancient and beautiful winery in the world and it is accessable through an impressive equestrian staircase that gradually leads you to the discovery of an enchanted place.
Here, for many centuries the Ricci Family has lovingly cared and treasured one of the most demanded products of these lands: the wine.

A visit to this wine cellar is a journey throughout time and history.

We leave Montepulciano towards another wine cellar in the countryside.

The family produce wine since many years but by the will of the company owner, an engineer, it was recently built a very special modern winery nestled in the vineyards.

The will to build a new winery rises from the dream of the engineer Glauco Dei to create a new place for wine ageing that combines his life’s two passions: the desire to produce great wines and the love for working with travertine stone.

From here comes the idea of using this precious natural material for building the new ageing cellar. Designed with fervour and enthusiasm, together with the architect Alessandro Bagnoli, the new spaces are completely made of travertine stone, glass and wood -natural materials that integrate perfectly with the environment.
The love for nature and the soil, which has always inspired the family to dedicate its efforts to activities tied to their land, has led to technical and planning choices that employ to the utmost sources of renewable energy, primarily geothermal energy.
Completely immersed in the vineyards that surround the winery, the architecture of the new wine cellar blends harmoniously with the sweetness of the hilly landscape that envelops Montepulciano while the nuances of the travertine stone combine with the colours of the soils from which our best grapes are produced.

Even the shape of the entrance to our cellar and underground areas, a downgrade that morphologically calls to mind the shape of a snail, is a strong reference to the land that produces Vino Nobile Dei, which draws from the fossil shells of the earth of Bossona its flavours, complexity, elegance and strong personality.

Beyond the experience of two of the highest level quality Wines, the visit will be interesting for the architecture of the cellars, so different from each other, and for the beauty of the city.




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— Distances: 1 hour and 45 minutes from Florence – 2 hours from Rome – 50 minutes from Siena – 1 hour and half from Perugia or Assisi