Arrival in a particular bakery close to Bevagna.

In this bakery we will have the chance to see the entire production chain: the wheat produced by the farm is collected and stored in external silos made of fiberglass and fit for foods and preserved by the handling and the ventilation. Then it is ground with millstones to obtain flour. Once the bread dough is ready, they bake it in a wood oven and finally sold it in the charming little shop of the farm.

Their aim is to offer a high quality product to the customers. It is a grain farm unique in Italy. Eating this bread you can taste the real flavor of wheat.

After the visit of the bakery, we go to an oil mill that produces an excellent Extra-virgin olive oil. Here you will have the chance to see the difference between the old and the new techniques used in the production of the olive oil.

Enjoy a light lunch at the oil mill based on typical local products.

We leave the oil mill and move to Spello, just 10 minutes far.

Spello is the perfect union between the Roman and the Medieval architecture. Still surrounded by walls, the town is rich of Roman ruins which testify the importance of the city in those days.

Every year on the occasion of the religious Feast of the Corpus Domini the streets of Spello are decorated with beautiful paintings depicting religious scenes realized with flower petals and other natural materials. The tradition of the so-called “Infiorata” began around 1930.

Enjoy a visit to a tiny but cosy brewery situated right into the centre of the town in a medieval house. The laboratory has a small -about 18 hectolitres of beer per month- but excellent production of beer: it is characterized by the use of the so-called “forgotten fruits”, such as the carob, medlar, figues, elder flowers, etc. that give to the beer a special and unique taste. See how they produce their beers and taste them together with a mouth-watering platter of local cold cuts and cheese.




✓ Full day tour leader

✓ Visit of a bakery with bread degustation

✓ Visit of an oil mill with olive oil tasting and light lunch

✓ Visit of Spello

✓ Visit of a brewery with beer degustation

✓ Taxes



x Transfer

x Tickets to museums or other



— This tour can be organized with a minimum of 4 people

— When the bakery is closed, customers can visit Bevagna (a wonderful village of Roman origin) or a winery (with wine tasting) in Montefalco.

Distances: from: Rome 2 hours – Firenze 2 hours – Siena 1 hour and 30 minutes – Perugia 35 minutes – Orvieto 1 hour and 30 minutes.