In the land of Brunello di Montalcino wine, a winemaker passionate about wine and classic music discovered -with the contribution of the Agrarian University of Florence and Pisa- that grape grows better and healthier while “listening to” Mozart symphonies.

In one of his vineyards he has installed a special wireless radio system so the grapes can "enjoy" Mozart classical symphonies.

The radio installation was realized by an American company that funded part of this project.

See the difference in the growth of the vineyards between those "listening to the music" and others that don’t have this privilege.

Enjoy a visit of the wine cellar with Brunello di Montalcino wine tasting.

Afterwards, take a walk in Montalcino village.

To the south of Siena, in the breathtaking Val D´Orcia Natural Park, Montalcino is a classic fairytale hilltop town, set within a full circle of fortified walls and watched over by a mighty castle of medieval perfection.

The town has scarcely changed in appearance since the 16th century. Once you get up to the top of the town, a magnificent spectacle unfolds for your eyes: rolling sunny hills dotted with yellow and red flowers, ancient oak trees, picturesque olive groves, scenic country roads winding through perfect vineyards and isolated cypress trees atop hills.

The town has been made incredibly rich and famous by its Brunello wine, one of the most appreciated Italian wines. Montalcino was already well-known for its fine red wines during the 15th century. However, the precious formula of the fantastic Brunello was the one that made it famous all over the world.




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— It is possible to organize a visit to S. Antimo Abbey, just 25 minutes far from the farm.

— Distances: 2 hours and half from Rome – 2 hours from Florence 1 hour from Siena, 2 hours from Perugia or Assisi