During the Renaissance there was a general renewal of all the art throughout all Italy. In this period in the north of Rome, at the border with Tuscany, monuments like Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola, Villa Lante in Bagnaia and Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo were built.

Our first stop will be Caprarola -a beautiful little Medieval town founded in the 10th century- where we will visit Palazzo Farnese, the beautiful palace erected here by the Farnese family in 1517. The pentagonal structure of the palace dominates the town of Caprarola which was redesigned to provide a triumphal access to the Palazzo. Expanded in size around 1534 by the famous architect Antonio da Sangallo for Pope Paul III, it was completed by the architect Jacopo Barozzi, better known as “Il Vignola”, for the Pope’s nephew Alessandro Farnese. Il Vignola was able to transform Sangallo’s austere, sturdy castle into an elegant residential palace.

After Caprarola we will move to a magic place to have a light lunch.

In the early afternoon we will visit Villa Lante to see the splendid Italian gardens. One of the best examples of Italian gardens, it contains two small villas and some amazing fountains against the backdrop of fine wooded hills, once used as a hunting ground. Commissioned by Cardinal Gambara, Villa Lante was built by Vignola around 1500. Many popes and important historical figures have been guests at Villa Lante .

We leave Villa Lante and we arrive in Bomarzo.

Once an Etruscan and Roman settlement, the town is now famous for its "Monster Park", also known as the "Sacred Wood". The Park was commissioned by the prince Pier Francesco Orsini who wanted to dedicate it to the memory of his wife Giulia Farnese. It was designed and created (1552-1580) by the architect Pirro Ligorio: his goal was to create a unique place, a "villa of wonders", populated by gigantic sculptures of sphinxes, elephants, monsters, dragons and ogres based on myths and legends from various cultures. It was then restored by Giovanni Bettini in the ‘50s.




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-The villas are closed on Monday

-Distances: From Florence 2 hours, from Rome 1 hour, from Siena 1 hour and 30 minutes, from Civitavecchia 1 hour and 30 minutes.