On one side of the Trasimeno lake there is a little fishermen’s village where all the men teach to their children the different traditional fishing systems on the lake. However, they know that this activity could easily become a lost tradition such as many others.

The long hours spent waiting and looking at the sky, because a rainy day could mean no fish for the family, were also normal for the past generations. There is still, in any case, a big respect for this activity on the area of the Trasimeno lake.

Become a fisherman for a day and learn the secrets of the traditional fishing systems!

In the morning you will leave with the fishermen and their private little fishing boats.

Learn how to throw the “giacchio”, a special and traditional fishing net.

Waiting for fish, you will be able to visit a charming island on the lake, the Polvese island. Today this island is a naturalistic park and it is possible to reach it only by private boats. Therefore, you will have the chance to be guided by the fishermen and listen to their interesting stories about the island. Then, back to the boats, you can check how much fish has been caught and……part of that will be yours!

In the way back we will stop for a gourmet tasting of croutons and a variety of fried fishes.

In the afternoon  we will visit an old oil mill in the nearby of the fishermen’s village where we will have the possibility to taste an excellent Extra-virgin olive oil.

Here we will also visit the “Ziraia”, a room where more than ten antique jars are still used for natural decanting of the olive oil.




✓ Full day tour leader

✓ Private boat with fisherman 

✓ Tasting of fish

✓ Visit to an oil mill with Extra-virgin olive oil tasting

✓ Visit to Polvese island.

✓ Taxes



x Transfer

x Entrance fee to museums or other



— The boat carries up to 10 person. In case of bigger groups (20 people maximum) customers will split into small groups.

— This is a very particular tour because the guests can really get in touch with the local population and their traditions, such as the traditional fishing system.

— Timing can be easily changed and adapted according on customers’ location.

— In case of strong rain or bad weather the tour can be cancelled with no responsibility of the organizer.

— Distances: Rome 180 km - Florence 140 km - Siena 70 km - Pienza 35 km - Arezzo 70 km - Perugia 25 km