Lazio is the Italian region with the highest number of archeological sites. Not counting the huge open air museum of the city of Rome –which on its own contains 70% of the cultural and artistic legacy of Italy- Lazio has a great number of noteworthy archeological sites: from Ostia Antica to Villa Adriana, from the evocative ruins of the Etruscan civilization in the sunny Tuscia to the ancient roads, bridges and aqueducts scattered in its countryside. Let your mind travel along the history of the old castles, the abandoned towns atop of a hill and the imposing fortresses of the region -symbol of past deeds. Enjoy the strong flavours of Lazio, such as the spicy Porchetta, Pecorino Romano grated on a dish of Spaghetti alla carbonara, or guanciale in the typical Bucatini all’amatriciana.